Mission-Critical Power Solutions for Retail and Distribution Warehouses

The retail sector is experiencing a tremendous shift in consumer behavior and the method to deliver goods.  At the center of this shift is technology and predictive analysis to automate and predict purchases and deliveries.  The future of retail will be heavily influenced by Retail IoT (Internet of Things), Predictive Analytics, Order and Delivery Automation and Real-Time Location Monitoring.

Powering the intensive data computing, mining and storage facilities in data centers is a specialty of PDI whether it be a green-field data center build or retrofitting an existing space which require higher power densities.  Mission critical retail and warehouse facilities have relied on PDI for over 35 years with a wide variety of locations including:

  • Data Centers
  • Warehouse Distribution Facilities
  • Retail Stores


                Low Voltage Distribution Transformers
                Line Reactors
                Remote Power Panels
                Power Distribution Units
                WaveStar Static Transfer Switch
                PowerWave 2 Bus System
                JCOMM® Branch Circuit Monitoring System
                BCMS Hub