Mission-Critical Power Solutions for Military Applications

Modern day militaries rely heavily on data centers, IT and communications assets. Powering these solutions with highly reliable and mobile platforms is critical.
PDI designs and manufactures MIL-SPEC transformers which are deployed for use at mobile military bases. These ultra efficient designs reduce the total cost of powering the essential IT and Communications equipment. This can be the difference-maker for success in the field.
PDI's Branch Circuit Monitoring Solution (BCMS) can be integrated into any panelboard and allows the pro-active management of power including:
  • Efficient power allocation
  • Maximizing uptime through real-time metrics
  • Provides both remote and local monitoring of loads
Military leaders in the USA and our NATO allies recognize the significance of reliable, efficient and smart power systems. Choose PDI and ONYX Power for reliability and high performance.


                Low Voltage Distribution Transformers
                Line Reactors
                Remote Power Panels
                Power Distribution Units
                WaveStar Static Transfer Switch
                PowerWave 2 Bus System
                JCOMM® Branch Circuit Monitoring System
                BCMS Hub