Construction & Infrastructure

Energy Efficient Transformer Solutions

Construction and development in metropolitan growth regions is causing network planners to focus on enhanced infrastructure and power quality. Network managers turn to ONYX Power, a PDI brand, when the need for energy efficiency, footprint consolidation and effective power quality is a key component for infrastructure builds.
ONYX Power has been manufacturing transformers for almost 40 years for commercial infrastructure applications. With tens of thousands of high power ONYX Power transformers in the market, ONYX Power is considered an industry leader when performance and longer life expectancies for power integration is considered not a network requirement but expectation.
ONYX Power transformers are designed to provide the most effective solution for any installation. Our designs not only meet DOE2016 and LEED requirements but provide the maximum efficiency at the expected operating loads of any installation. By balancing the requirements for footprint, harmonic mitigation, efficiency and thermal performance the transformer we provide is the optimum one for the project.
  • Optional monitoring features allow the operator to be assured that their equipment is functioning as promised.
  • Customized enclosures and acoustic testing ensure that the transformer is properly cooled, protected, and quiet.
  • Short lead times for design, manufacturing and delivery provide support to contractors ensuring transformers are ready to be installed and commissioned with limited impact to construction schedule.


                Low Voltage Distribution Transformers
                Line Reactors