Design | Prototyping | Manufacturing | Assembly | Certification

An important element in the quality of any power magnetics solution is the manufacturing organization and capabilities behind the brand.  ONYX Power has continuously manufacturing precision, high reliability products in the USA since 1979.  Our Santa Ana, California plant comprises 65,000 square feet and vertically integrates virtually every element of production in one facility.

At ONYX we:

  • Build frames from stock from our in-house 15,000 square foot metal shop, with
  • precision welding stations,  CNC punch press and water jet cutting system
  • Wind our own inductors on 20 Broomfield foil and wire winders
  • Stack cores made with our 4 automated core cutters
  • Assemble the magnetics, then use vacuum impregnation (VPI) systems to ensure a superior varnish coating thus substantially reducing vibration and noise
  • Build the enclosures in our sheet metal fabrication facility
  • Test electrically and acoustically through our test stations and calibrated anechoic chamber providing valuable test reports and documentation
  •  ONYX is a UL certified facility and qualify our magnetics to any applicable national or international standard. (CE, UL, FM, TÜV, ABS, DNV…..)

When a power magnetics product leaves ONYX you can be assured that the performance properties on the tag are verified, actual values, not just design targets!