Custom Power Magnetics

Getting the right solution for the application has never been more important.  At ONYX, we’re committed to building to customer-specified physical and electrical requirements, ensuring the equipment you deploy functions efficiently, effectively and seamlessly.  The craftsmanship and high reliability engineered into our custom dry-type transformers, line reactors and power distribution solutions set us apart from our competitors.

Integral Design Features for Custom Power Magnetics

  • Timely design prints provided usually within two weeks
  • In-house custom enclosures
  • Oversized neutral for non-linear loads
  • UL listed and tested to industry standards and customer requirements
  • Operational efficiency >98% to meet high standards for performance
  • Optional dual electrostatic shield attenuates high-frequency noise
  • Ruggedized construction enhances long life under challenging conditions of shock, vibration and thermal loading
    • Maintenance free convection cooling
    • Welded bus termination and connection options
    • 240°C Nomex insulation delivers margin of safety and extends operating life
    • Vacuum pressure impregnation improves dielectric properties for corrosive environmental protection
    • Heavy duty, high quality, structural components and fasteners