2016 DOE Regulation

ONYX Transformers Designed to Meet Required Efficiency Levels

Beginning in January of 2016, the US Department of Energy regulations for dry-type transformers will be implemented with new aggressive energy conservation standards for distribution transformers.

The amendments to the existing efficiency standards for low-voltage-dry-type transformers are estimated to decrease electrical losses by 18% and will further reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

ONYX Power is presently providing support to our customers in the design, manufacturing and delivery of dry-type transformers that meet the 2016 higher efficiency standards.  As stewards of the environment and partners to our customers we support the DOE regulation that will provide both environmental as well as cost savings benefits to our customers and communities.

For further information about the DOE 2016 standard, to review ONYX DOE 2016 Dry Type Transformer capabilities,  or to initiate a quote please contact us at +1 714.513.1500.