WaveStar® Infinity Monitoring System

WaveStar Infinity provides facilities and businesses with the most advanced power distribution equipment monitoring and metering solution to help them make prompt and informed decisions to support fault detection, energy management and tenant billing applications.

Product Features & Benefits

Real-time Monitoring and Notification  

WaveStar Infinity is designed for real-time sensing, measuring, collecting, calculating, reporting and alarming of all electrical and equipment performance metrics.


Revenue Grade Data Accuracy  

WaveStar Infinity ensures that you have metering data at the level of precision you need to accurately monitor consumption and validate your results. 


Intutive Full Function Display  

WaveStar Infinity comes standard with both local and remote access to your equipment monitoring and

metering solution making it easier than ever to visualize, navigate, manage and configure your power distribution equipment monitoring.

Broad Monitoring & Metering Featured Support  

WaveStar Infinity supports a variety of optional monitoring and metering features both today and well into the future.

Advanced Network Integration Capability 

The combination of multiple physical connection options, high data transfer rates and standard protocol support makes communication and integration with WaveStar Infinity easy and versatile.

Technical Specifications
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