The JCOMM® Branch Circuit Monitoring System (BCMS) is a fully integrated solution able to provide accurate high speed monitoring and alerting of key electrical performance metrics while supporting a wide range of targeted applications including fault detection, energy management and tenant billing.  With the capability to collect, report and display on key electrical performance measurements such as voltage, current, power, frequency, energy and power factor the JCOMM BCMS is the perfect solution for your electrical power equipment.  The fully integrated solution with its easy to mount enclosure makes retrofitting or upgrading existing Remote Power Panels (RPP), Power Distribution Units (PDU) and stand alone panelboards of nearly any configuration from PDI or other OEM vendors a breeze.  Combined with our WaveStar color touchscreen monitor the JCOMM BCMS supports and simplifies activities such as measurement validation, alarm management, maintenance and repair.  With support for multiple communication protocols including Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP and SNMP the JCOMM BCMS can be easily integrated with nearly any BMS, DCIM or EMS in the market today helping to complete the link between critical information and people, facilities and businesses who rely on it the most.


Product Features & Benefits

Fully Intergrated Enclosed Solution 
The JCOMM® BCMS comes with a fully integrated metal enclosure reducing the cost & complexity of installation and mounting.

Intuitive Information Display
The JCOMM® BCMS supports our latest WaveStar color touchscreen display for easy navigation and visualization of metering data and alerts. 

Monitoring Of Key Performance Metrics
The JCOMM® BCMS collects and reports on all key electrical performance metrics including voltage, current, power, frequency, energy and power factor.

Accurate Power Measurements

The JCOMM® BCMS is capable of measuring and reporting on power and energy consumption to within 1% error making it one of the most accurate solutions in the market.

Broad Panelboard Configuration Support
The JCOMM® BCMS is capable of supporting the wide variety of panelboard configurations found across equipment and facilities.

Extensive Equipment Support  
The JCOMM® BCMS is capable of supporting all of your equipment from Remote Power Panels (RPP), Power Distribution Units (PDU) to stand alone panelboards from PDI or other OEM manufacturers.

Multipule Intergration Options
The JCOMM® BCMS supports multiple integration options to simplify connectivity to your Building Management System, Energy Management System or Data Center Infrastructure Management solutions. 



Technical Specifications
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