WaveStar® Static Transfer Switch

Over 20 years of experience has allowed PDI to become the preferred supplier of static transfer switches to mission critical industries. The PDI static transfer switch supplies critical loads with a choice between two available sources of electrical power. By continually monitoring power quality, the WaveStar® switch automatically transfers to an alternate source within a quarter cycle and without interruption of power to even your most sensitive critical loads.

Product Features & Benefits

Triple Redundancy 
The true system redundancy provides the ultimate in power system reliability.

Compact Enclosure and Modular Interior Design
Modular interior design results in higher quality throughout the product line and the new 2000Amp has the smallest footprint in the industry.

Line-And-Match WIth Our Power Distrubution Unit (PDU)

To provide a system of power switching and distribution.

Rigorous Five-Step Quality Process 
(1) vendor quality partnership using PDI designed test equipment and procedures, (2) functional component
testing, (3) component level tests in simulated STS environment, (4) module level test, and (5) verification of final product system performance.

Volt Second Synchronization
The WaveStar® transfer algorithm is optimized to switch power sources quickly all while minimizing
voltage disruptions and preserve transformer flux balance. This is achieved by rapidly firing the SCRs to establish a balance point as quickly as possible by analyzing the voltage disruption and volt-second balance. The result is a faster and cleaner transfer of power with typically 1X unit rating or less in rush current regardless of the load make up and size.

Dual Redundant Display 
In the event of a touchscreen display failure the WaveStar® STS can be operated via the Redundant Operator Interface.This manual interface enables the operator to select Mode of Operation and Source (1 or 2) enabling continuous operation and maximze uptime.

Communications Package 
The WaveStar® communication package enhances the overall reliability and availability of power to your facility by:
• Providing instantaneous access to redundant sources of power
• Enabling on-line maintenance of upstream equipment
• Showing real time wave form captures on the color touch screen
• Gathering power data from downstream BCMS devices (PDU, RPP).




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