PowerPak2 Power Distribution Unit

With hundreds of possible distribution configurations, PowerPak 2 PDU is smallest power distribution unit with true front accessibility in today’s market. A patent pending 3D access window allows true front access (TFA) for service and maintenance while offering panel board and/or sub feed distribution in the main cabinet. PowerPak 2 offers up to 400kVA DOE2016 transformer and incorporates compartmentalized design in order to isolate low and high voltage components.


Product Features & Benefits

Five Tier True Front Access (TFA)
Five Tier True Front Access (TFA) enables operation, maintenance and service from the front of the PDU maximizing safety.

Smallest foot-print in the industry
The PowerPak 2 PDU can accommodate up-to a 400kVA DOE2016 transformer while maintaining a True Front Access (TFA) main cabinet size of 42” width.

Front Access Infrared Scanning 
A patent pending 3D Access Window and Specialized Transformer designs enable infrared scanning from the front of the PDU.

Up-to 400kVA DOE2016 Transformer
PowerPak 2 offers DOE compliant transformers in sizes up to 400 kVA.

Flexible In-Cabinet and Side-Car Distribution Options
The PowerPak 2 PDU offers multiple distribution panelboard and sub feed options in-cabinet and in optional side cars.

Power Compartmentalization
Isolated compartments for both high and low voltage components simplify maintenance and increase safety.


PDI continues to advance it's monitoring solutions. We now have two monitoring products available for the PowerPak 2 PDU.

Option A
WaveStar Infinity Monitoring System 

WaveStar Infinity provides facilities and businesses with the most advanced power distribution equipment monitoring and metering solution to help them make prompt and informed decisions to support fault detection, energy management and tenant billing applications.

Option B

Intelligent Power Monitoring
PDI’s Branch Circuit Monitoring System (BCMS) allows for the pro-active management of power usage and availability.

Adaptable Service Entrances 
Landing service entrance cables has never been easier with Top/Bottom Entry/Exit configurations.

Technical Specifications
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