Modular Compact Remote Power Panel

With over 150 possible configurations, the Modular Compact Remote Power Panel is the most versatile RPP on the market today. Its 12” x 24” footprint allows wall-mount, in-tile, on-tile and multi-unit installations that can be field modified. When combined with communications and high voltage compartmentalization, BCMS Monitoring, Trapped Key Interlocking and multiple panelboards configurations, the Modular Compact RPP can be adapted to the most demanding mission critical facilities.

Product Features & Benefits

Highly Flexible Platform 
The Modular Compact RPP can be adaptable for wall, floor and multi-unit mounting options.

Configurable Panelboard Distribution 
The Modular Compact RPP can be  configured with multiple panelboard manufacturers and styles.

Isolated Communications & High Voltage Compartments 
Isolated enclosures for both communications and high voltage components simplify maintenance and increase safety.

PDI continues to advance it's monitoring solutions. We now have two monitoring products available for the Modular Compact RPP.   

Option A
WaveStar Infinity Monitoring

WaveStar Infinity provides facilities and businesses with the most advanced power distribution equipment monitoring and metering solution to help them make prompt and informed decisions to support fault detection, energy management and tenant billing applications.

Option B
Intelligent Power Monitoring

PDIs Branch Circuit Monitoring System (BCMS) allows for the pro-active management of power usage and availability.


Flexible Mounting 
Integrated floor, wall and RPP-to-RPP mounts enable in-field modifications and configurations.

Adaptable Service Entrances
Landing Input and Output Cables has never been easier with Top/Bottom Entry/Exit configurations.

Trapped Key Interlocks

Mission Critical Modular Compact RPPs utilize trapped key interlocks for the ultimate in sequential control of the unit.

TVSS/SPD Surge Protection
Fast acting TVSS units can protect your mission critical equipment from electrical spikes and surges.



Technical Specifications
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