Power and Signal Integrity for Telecommunications

Telecommunications networks continue to carry ever-increasing amounts of data and bandwidth, straining network infrastructure. From VoIP topologies to WiMAX backhaul, remote radio head, and other expanding applications, power and signal integrity play a critical role in maintaining network performance.
PDI brings decades of experience and a deep history of innovation to the telecommunications market. With high-performance AC, DC and data line surge and lightning protection backed by proprietary and patented technologies, Transtector helps ensure that service providers meet ever-expanding user demands for continuous bandwidth.
·      Protect against power line surges
·      Minimize equipment damage from lightning strikes
·      Guard equipment from transients and other power anomalies
·      Engineer security and stability into networks and maintain revenue generation
Telecommunications network planners face a myriad of challenges posed by new technologies and user demands. With protection products from PDI, telecom providers can build security into networks from the ground up, protecting mission-critical equipment and minimizing the potential for downtime, equipment replacement outlay and lost revenue due to power surges and transients.