The PowerWave Bus System can be utilized in many types of retail store environments including electronics, grocery, wholesale club, and home improvement stores. Any retail outlet that needs needs a flexible way to distribute and reconfigure power easily can benefit from the PowerWave Bus System. Our CamTough™ technology built into our splice connectors and tap off boxes makes reconfiguration easy with no wear and tear on the copper bus bars built into the busrail.

The PowerWave Bus System can power all kinds of displays, products and point of sale systems offering flexible power distribution. Custom tap off distribution boxes with up to 6 breaker poles enable you to choose your circuit breaker style and manufacturer, receptacle style and location as well as custom drop cords. The busrail and tap off boxes can be painted or anodized to match your stores decor as well.

Grocery and Wholesale:
Grocery store and wholesale clubs have significant power needs for coolers, chillers, cash registers, freezers, heating unit and more. The PowerWave Bus System enables flexible power distribution with minimal costs associated with changes. Choose from a wide variety of distribution boxes that can be painted to match your store decor.

Home Improvement:
Seasonal offerings, appliance departments and showrooms make the PowerWave Bus System a go to solution for home improvement and decorating stores. The cost savings from not having to run new cable and conduit for power additions makes PowerWave a great capital investment.

The PowerWave Bus System is a proven solution that enables your retail facility a simple way to add, re-locate or remove power and is available is sizes ranging from 160 – 800 amps.