Custom Dry-Type Transformers for Rail Applications

ONYX is a market leader for the rail industry in the development and manufacturing of high-performance, efficient, custom dry-type transformers ranging from 30kVA to 5MVA, as well as medium voltage systems up to 15kV . 
Our team of program managers work directly with global freight, passenger rail and OEM customers to supervise the entire transformer design and development cycle providing solutions tailored for complete rail system power reliability.
PDI can provide stand-alone customized power distribution boxes incorporating magnetics, surge protection and switching.
ONYX power solutions are designed to keep rail yards open, trains on schedule and passengers safe.  We work with each customer to provide:
  • Timely design prints-usually within two weeks
  • Quality and reliability.  ONYX transformers are tested to industry standards and customer requirements
  • In-house custom enclosures
  • Vacuum pressure impregnation-improved dielectric properties for corrosive environmental protection
  • Enhanced thermal shock properties
  • Oversized neutral-for non-linear loads
  • Assurance of continued operability through surge protection integration
  • Experts for Positive Train Control
  • Made in USA