As the global demand for natural resources increases, PDI's continued investment in R&D delivers innovative product solutions to the energy market, ensuring reliability, efficiency and safety.
Pumping stations, refineries, storage tanks and offshore production all require safe protection and power management solutions in often unstable environments. Working with standards organizations, OEMs and end users, PDI engineers and manufactures an end-to-end product offering designed to Transform. Distribute. Monitor. Protect.™ unique global energy applications in extreme conditions with superior performance.

Oil and Gas
Oil exploration and fracking require essential electrical performance. As part of PDI's work to provide Class I Div II compliant products and services to ensure clean, safe and uninterrupted power performance.

Renewable Energy
Converting the sun and wind into electricity requires power management and protection from transients and power anomalies.  As part of PDI, teams are experienced in both custom and off-the-shelf product solutions to support photovoltaic (PV), concentrating solar power (CSP) and wind technology requirements.

Smart Grid
Smart Grid technologies are strategic areas of growth for global economies. Working with key integrators, OEMs and standards committees such as NEMA, IEEE and ANSI, PDI’s engineering teams develop innovative custom solutions to meet electrical power management and protection requirements as they evolve toward Smart Grid-based architectures.