Protecting Critical Assets – No Matter the Application

At PDI, we recognize the broad range of applications and markets that benefit from high-performance, reliable lightning and surge protection. We engineer products, systems and solutions specific to types of networks, application environments, and key markets.
We view power and signal integrity as an end-to-end challenge in critical asset protection. Our product line covers a complete approach to protecting communications systems and mission-critical components from lightning, transients, surges and other power anomalies, with AC, DC and data line protection, EMP/EMI filters, power conditioners, UPS and power distribution units, and more.

Data Center
Power, protection and service ensuring reliable data center operation
Power quality for oil and gas, renewable energy and Smart Grid applications

Highest quality and reliability vital to industrial applications

Proven, dependable power quality for cancer treatments, imaging, radio therapy, and patient records systems
EMP-hardened capabilities for military and aerospace industries
Industry experts in Positive Train Control and power quality solutions for global metro and freight rail requirements
Keep systems online to support security networks and protect those they serve 
Land Mobile Radio
Protect, connect and power LMR networks for two-way radio, 911 and first responders
Power and signal integrity solutions for communication networks