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Remote Communication Interface

The monitoring option enables the M4 Monitoring System to communicate to an external monitoring system via an RS 422 port. The customer’s external monitoring is connected at the PDU’s low voltage interface board. PDI will provide the open protocol for the customer’s third party vender to write the communication drivers.

Available on the LC, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, PDU, SNMP and STS.


This feature allows the expansion of the base model to provide factory space for additional subfeed circuit breakers or panelboards.

Available on the  PDU, LC and STS.

Panelboard and Subfeed Additions

Adding additional panelboards and subfeeds will utilize your units full potential. PDI has all of the resources to maximize your transformers full capabilities.

Available on the LC, PDU, RPP and STS.

Spare Parts Kits

For those who wish to further support their investment, PDI offers replacement parts packages that include components that are more vulnerable to either abuse or wear. Please call PDI Customer Service for lists and pricing.

Available on the LC, PDU, RPP and STS.

Monitoring Upgrades

PDI Power Monitoring has evolved to meet the needs of the customers throughout the years. Upgrade your Monitoring to include the latest and greatest features.

Available on the LC, PDU and STS.

BCMS - Branch Circuit Monitoring System

PDI’s patented BCMS measures and reports the current of each individual panelboard circuit allowing for proactive management of every device in your facility. BCMS communicates via modbus and can be custom configured within your Power Management System. PDI’s Service department can install this into any existing RPP. PDI can also supply all needed materials to upgrade existing wall mounted panelboards in your facility.

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