PDI Monitors Provide Local Power Monitoring Stations

PDI monitors are incorporated into PDI power distribution and monitoring equipment and provide local power monitoring stations.
  • The WaveStar® Color Monitor is a 7-inch color touchscreen that can be incorporated into PDI products, such as PDUs, RPPs, and JCOMM®s, and can also serve as a stand-alone power monitoring station. It can monitor (20) downstream BCMS devices, such as panelboards.
  • The WaveStar® Monitor is a 5.25-inch monochrome six-button display that is incorporated into PDI PDUs, RPPs, and JCOMMs and can monitor ten downstream BCMS devices.
  • The WaveStar® BCMS Hub integrates power monitoring information from up to (70) BCMS devices, providing a unified display of power monitoring information for data center managers.