The 800Amp PowerWave Busway is a flexible overhead power distribution solution which makes adding, removing and modifying your internal power grid easy and cost effective.

The new system utilizes patent pending technology in the splice allowing for fast and effective installation, providing robust and dependable reliability.

The 800Amp system introduces new technology while maintaining PDI’s focus on safe products using finger-safe technology and two-step installation of Tap-Off Boxes.

800Amp Busway Enhancements:

1. Ease of installation: The new splice design allows for a fast and simple installation of the bus system.
2. Compact profile allows for installation into very tight areas. Allowing you to choose to mount the system horizontally or vertically.
3. Maintained the IP2X finger-safe rating for the continuous open channel installation of Tap-Off Boxes.
4. Maintained the UL and IEC certification for live install of Tap-Off Boxes on the system.
5. Made with new high quality materials developed for the connectors industry.
a. Valox and Ultem
6. Industry leading keep-out area of only nine inches per splice.

Improved Installation Method of 800Amp System

With the patent pending splice the installation becomes very simple. With the use of a #2 Philips head screwdriver and 5/16 hex head you are able to splice the two halves of the splice together, install the grounding bar, and secure the covers. The new installation procedure allows the installing contractor to reduce the installation time of the busway by up to 40%.

Our specially designed hanger allows you to choose the orientation of the busway while using the same hanger. (i.e. No special parts)

Integrated Power Monitoring Option

The 800Amp solution is built to allow the customer to have integrated power monitoring. The monitoring system allows for fast installation and setup of Tap-Off Boxes while being able to also utilize the PDI PowerHub or Local Display options.
Specifications: System Rating:
Ratings subject to change.
Ampacity System 800A
Finger Protection IP2X
Busrail Rated Voltage 208/480V
Rated Insulation Voltage 1000V
Frequency Rating 50/60 Hz
Rated Short Circuit Capacity 42 kAIC at 480V
Conductor Type Copper (CU)
Copper Dimension per Phase .312″ x 1.5″ Custom Shape
Housing Material Aluminum
Housing Finish Black, Silver, Optional Colors
Dimensions – English 5.254″ x 3.705″
Dimensions – Metric 13.35 cm x 9.41 cm
Testing Criteria UL857
CSA Approved Yes
NOM Compliant Yes
IEC Rated 60439.2
System Weight Per Foot 19.4 lbs. / 8.8 kg
Support Distance 5′ Centers
Busrail Lengths 12′, 10′, 6′, 5′ and 3′ (foot)
Elbows Left, Right, Cross
Tees No
End Feed Units Right Hand, Left Hand
Hangers Top and Side Rail Mount
Busrail Lengths 12′, 10′, 6′, 5′ and 3′ (foot)
Seismic Rating Consult Factory
Flame Propagation V0 – Non-Propogating
Communications Yes (optional)