PowerWave Silver

Data Center Bus System for Africa, Asia, and Latin America 

PDI’s new PowerWave Silver™ bus system provides a new level of innovation, flexibility and cost-effectiveness in power configuration, making the platform an ideal solution for server racks in medium to large data center facilities in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. 
Innovative Compact Design
The unique PowerWave Silver design lets you install a dual redundant system in less than 300mm of space—critical for data center retrofit projects where space above server racks is both limited and restrictive. 
Efficient Configurability
Using a standard coupling, customers can add any end-feed to configure their system simply and easily on-site without having to order special parts. This patent pending design allows electrical contractors to safely install a coupling with no special tools—all in less than two minutes.
Safe Installation for Live Applications
Each PowerWave Silver tap-off box has a two-stage insertion into the bus rail. Ground connections are automatically inserted before contact is made with conductors, thus ensuring safe installation for live systems.
Power Traceability
Data center managers can now trace power from each server, thus ensuring limited risk of terminating power to the wrong rack.
Industry-Leading Busway Tap-Off Box Density
Using innovative coupling technology, PowerWave Silver minimizes keep-out areas, thereby making more busway space available for tap-off boxes. Tap-off boxes can now overlap couplings, improving the value of the continuous rail design. 
Lightweight Aluminum Conductors
Newly engineered end feeds, couplings, bus rails and elbows feature a lightweight design that makes the system easy to configure and safe to install.
Cost-Effective Solution
PowerWave Silver’s unique lightweight aluminum design, ease of installation, low lead times, and scalability combine for a strong, cost-effective solution for African, Asian, and Latin American data center and network managers.