Get an overview introduction into the components and features that make up the PowerWave Bus Systems.


How can the PowerWave Bus System benefit your data center, industrial or manufacturing facility, lab, retail center or education institution?


One-piece aluminum busway housing with integrated isolated ground and communications channels.

Tap-Off Boxes

Custom enclosure that distributes power from the busrail to specific loads. Six breaker poles and up to 80Amps of power can be fed through a single tap off box.

Splice Connector

Cam-actuated junction allows the busway sections to be joined both electrically and mechanically with a single component utilizing minimal tools.

End Feed

Enclosure that supplies power to the busrail. End Feeds can be placed at either end or in the center of the bus run.


Branch Circuit Monitoring System (BCMS) that can be integrated into the tap-off box, end feed or both. Power data is transmitted to local monitors, integrated into existing building management systems.

Elbow, Tee & Cross Sections

Busrail sections that enable bus run turns to be turned in 90 degree increments.

Mounting Hardware

Brackets and hangers that enable the busrail to be mounted from ceilings and walls in both vertical and horizontal axes.

Industry Standards

Explore the Industry Standards that the PowerWave Bus System meets and exceeds.