JCOMM® - PDI BCMS Retrofit with Onboard WaveStar Monitor

PDI's JCOMM® provides a convenient enclosure for retrofitting PDI’s patented BCMS to installed and energized equipment, both PDI and non-PDI equipment.
  • A JCOMM can be mounted on the top of RPPs or PDUs or attached to nearby walls.
  • A JCOMM can have (2) BCMS cards, allowing it to monitor up to (4)panelboards or (168) branch circuits and their associated main feeds.
  • JCOMMs are installed with split-core CTs, both for branch circuits and panelboard main feeds, suitable for installation on energized systems.

An optional WaveStar® Color Monitor or WaveStar® Monitor (monochrome) can be installed on the unit, providing a local power monitoring station, with real-time display of measurements, warnings, and alarms.

JCOMMs use standard BCMS and can be networked with other BCMS systems, WaveStar Color Monitors, WaveStar Monitors, WaveStar BCMS Hubs, and building management systems.