PDI's Branch Circuit Monitoring System (BCMS)

PDI’s Branch Circuit Monitoring System (BCMS) is a patented system that allows pro-active management of branch circuits.
  • BCMS provides both remote and local monitoring and control over loads
  • BCMS delivers information to Building Management/Power Monitoring System via
  • Modbus RTU open protocol, Modbus TCP, or SNMP
  • BCMS information can be displayed locally in the computer room with local power monitoring stations, using WaveStar® Monitors or WaveStar® BCMS Hubs
  • With BCMS you can increase the reliability of your data center to the server level.
BCMS can be
  • Installed on PDI equipment at the factory
  • Installed on OEM equipment with BCMS kits
  • Retrofitted to PDI or non-PDI equipment with retrofit kits or with JCOMM®
PDI’s (BCMS) provides extensive monitoring information on
  • PDU subfeeds
  • Panelboards
  • Main feeds to panelboards
  • Individual branch circuits
Specialized points lists or Modbus register maps cater to special monitoring needs:
  • The Normal list gives you great flexibility in alarm reporting, allowing you to customize alarms for each individual branch circuit.
  • The Power-KWH points list lets you customize power reporting information for each individual branch circuit.
  • The IEC list is suitable for international power monitoring requirements.
  • The Enhanced Subfeeds points list provides measurements and alarms for large PDU subfeeds, such as those typically found on a WaveStar® PowerHub PDU.

BCMS comes in a Basic current-only monitoring version and in a BCMS Plus version, which greatly extends monitoring capability:

  Basic Program BCMS Plus
Individual Branch Circuit X X
Summation of branch X X
Breakers per panelboard X X
Average current X X
Minimum/maximum current X X
Alarm setting X X
Summary alarm via Modbus™ X X
Optional local monitoring capability X X
Current demand   X
Real Power - Kva per panelboard   X
Apparent Power - Kva per panelboard           X
Reactive Power - Kva per panelboard           X
Kilowatt hours per panelboard           X
Power factor per panelboard           X
Frequency per panelboard           X
Over/under voltage per panelboard           X
Input phase current neutral, ground           X
Panelboard phase loss A, B, C           X
Voltage L-L, L-N for 3 phases, panelboard           X

BCMS gives you several ways to report measurement data and alarms:
  • Via Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, or SNMP protocols to building management systems
  • Local WaveStar® Monitors installed on PDI equipment, such as PDUs, where BCMS supplements transformer and other PDU data to provide a complete PDU monitoring package
  • WaveStar® BCMS Hub, a large power monitoring station that collects data from up to (70) BCMS devices, such as panelboards
BCMS is commonly installed in the factory for PDI equipment. For other BCMS installation options, click these links:


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