The WaveStar® BCMS Hub monitors up to (70) downstream BCMS devices and allows the data center manager to focus where needed and stay ahead of power issues before they occur.

The BCMS hub includes:
  • Standard enclosure: 24" x 24" x 5" deep
  • Local monitor to show all downstream BCMS-enabled power quality product data
  • Software allows end user to look at several different measurements (e.g., alarms, voltage, current) in real time
  • Modbus RTU protocol
  • Optional Modbus TCP/IP available
  • Standard reporting software that has exportable Microsoft Excel files
  • IP addressable interface to allow for remote display and
  • collection of BCMS information from a PC
  • PDI service: one day of product setup and customer training
  • Stand alone system connects to either IP address or to building management system
Product Features & Benefits

Alarm Event Capture & Log 

Scroll through Real Time Events Captured On-Screen for Easy Interpretation.

Alarm Notification   

Email, Pager and IP Addressable.

Security Features 
Named Users with Log-In and Password Protection.

Branch Circuit Graphs & Tabulations 
By Breaker and Panelboard Actual, Warning and Alarm Settings Real Time.

IP Address Access  
The PDI BCMS hub can also be accessed via an IP address for real time management of multiple devices over the web.

Technical Specifications
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