Harmonic Mitigation Solutions

In cooperation with the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, The Federal Aviation Administration and other government agencies as well as military prime contractors, ONYX Power offers integrated power magnetics that provide harmonics mitigation to electronic loads used in mission critical communications.
ONYX Power offers a strong advantage when experience counts. Our competent team of program managers works directly with each customer to supervise the complete design and development cycle in partnership with engineering and production teams.  
Military applications require the highest level of reliability and ruggedness to meet the critical demands of mobile systems that must operate when needed in severe environments. ONYX magnetics are built to the highest standards in the industry using quality structural elements and fasteners, with brazed and welded connections. The insulation in our magnetics uses heavy gauge premier Nomex® rated at 240°C, to prevent burn-through and punctures under conditions of shock, vibration, elevation, and extreme temperatures.
We are committed to our customers and protecting those who serve
  • Experience applying military standards
  • Testing to military standards
  • Emphasis on customer design
  • Aggressive design cycles & production lead times
  • Manufactured in USA
  • Committed to quality