Harmonic Mitigating Transformers

The demand for energy savings and reliability drives the need for harmonic mitigating transformers in today’s medical markets.  As hospitals, diagnostic centers and care facilities become more sophisticated and dependent on electrical and electronic equipment a significant threat arises for these operations through negative effects of harmonic distortion.
Communications,  diagnostic , data processing and analysis equipment are electronic and thus are common targets to the harmful effects of harmonics because they rely on a nearly perfect sinusoidal input.   Due to the critical 24/7 system reliability that medical centers require, network downtime or lost data is not an option.  For over 30 years, ONYX custom integrated power magnetics solutions have provided medical network managers and OEM’s with transformers that ensure the medical and communications equipment they deploy function efficiently, effectively and seamlessly.  

ONYX magnetics solutions can be equipped with integrated monitoring devices that allow verification of efficiency and performance for where downtime is not an option, as well as busway power distribution systems through PDI that facilitate integration and expansion for medical power system.