Reliability, Efficiency and Safety

As global demand for natural resources increase, ONYX Power’s continued investment in R&D has provided the Energy market with custom integrated power magnetics that ensure power quality through reliability, efficiency and safety. 
Our experienced design teams work with each customer to engineer a solution that is built to their specified physical and electrical requirements. We understand that power output from Alternative Energy resources such as solar, wind or geothermal is often variable and requires unique attention and analysis to address voltage regulation and stability.
PDI offers a full portfolio of engineering, design, consulting, energy management and power quality audits to support power management and surge protection (SPD) integration requirements to global Energy markets.
Oil and Gas - Rugged environments, demand dependable equipment and power quality. ONYX transformers are engineered to meet not only the custom physical and electrical specifications required by the oil & gas industry, but the unpredictable environmental changes provided by Mother Nature.  

Renewable Energy - Working with key integrators, OEM’s and standards committees, ONYX designs and manufactures integrated power magnetics and services used in transforming energy into reliable power for utility-scale systems and networks.