Data Center

Integrated Power Quality Capabilities for Data Centers and Colocation

PDI provides fully integrated manufacturing capabilities to Data Center and Colocation service providers. We lead the industry in custom design, engineering, and low industrial lead time through our in house manufacturing ability on key product solutions ranging from the transformer to the enclosure.
PDI to supplies peripheral equipment needed with the transformer; this can include, circuit breakers, metering, panel boards, remote monitoring and bus system.
Although Data Centers may appear to be relatively benign environments, their operating conditions place particular demands on transformers. Unlike many applications that have variable loads that allow cool down to take place, data centers frequently operate their transformers continuously at a high percentage of their ratings and supply power to non-linear load that place heat generating harmonics on the line. ONYX transformers are carefully designed for optimal efficiency at these loads, and mitigation of harmonics to reduce power factor. The physical construction provides effective passive cooling under these conditions and incorporates industry leading 240°C rated Nomex® insulation for reliability.
Minimization of inrush current peaks is a critical factor in designing data centers. Excessive inrush can overload static transfer switches, trip circuit breakers and lead to catastrophic load dumps. ONYX transformers are precisely designed for minimal inrush currents and tested to verify they comply in operation with the designed specification.
For over 30 years Data Center and Colocation services have relied on the experience and capabilities of ONYX power for product solutions that deliver uninterrupted service and superior quality