ONYX ProvidesThe Right Tool for the Job

Transformers perform a large range of functions for a variety of global markets and provide solutions through:
  • Voltage Conversion - transforming power to different voltages
  • Isolation- Providing an “isolated source” between the input and output as well as generating a neutral conductor
  • Multi-Phase Power - Creating additional phases for large rectifiers- thus turning three phase power into 6, 12, 18 or even 24 phase power
  • Power Quality-reducing harmonics on the utility line that can potentially interrupt power to sensitive loads lead to overheating and increase utility billing for power factor.
In collaboration with our customers, ONYX Power designs innovative power transformers and line reactors that meet the needs of global markets. PDI has the ability to provide more than magnetics, and integrate, protection, distribution and monitoring functions for a holistic solution.