Custom Integrated Power Magnetics

Getting the right solution for the application has never been more important.  At ONYX we’re committed to building to customer-specified physical and electrical requirements, ensuring the equipment you deploy functions efficiently, effectively and seamlessly.  The craftsmanship and high reliability engineered into our custom dry-type transformers and line reactor solutions set us apart from our competitors.
As a trusted partner we work to ensure that each transformer and line reactor is engineered to your unique requirements thus  delivering  a reliable, quality and timely solution to meet the global requirements of Data Center, Energy, Industrial, Construction, Medical, Military and Rail markets.

Line Reactors- Limit harmonics, peak and attenuate current spikes. ONYX line reactors are available in voltage ranges up to 15kV and capacities up to 5 MVAR three phase.

Power Transformers- Energy efficiency and cost savings delivered through low voltage and medium voltage transformers.